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Fitrah Movement in the Garden 10 -13 May, Azahara International. Lanjarón (Granada)

Actualizado: 3 abr

We will cultivate the fitrah form in the garden, body, posture, movement, breathing, and heart.

It will be taught in English and Spanish.

Cultivate Your Own Food: Maintain body awareness, make necessary corrections in the body to establish healthy habits in posture, body movement and breathing. This will enhance your physical and psychoemotional health, as well as work performance, bringing benefits to our daily lives.

The facilitator

Abdallah Tawfiq Velasco is a psychologist and psychotherapist based in Madrid, director of The School of Natural Breathing.

He began working and was working in the orchard from the age of 6 to 18. Contact with nature allowed him to intimately contemplate the multiple signs unfolding before his eyes, filled with wonder and understanding of existence in everyday life. Today, he continues to unveil the Creator's signs in the orchard, cultivating noble posture, breathing, harmonious bodily movement, and opening of the hear

While you cultivate an outdoor garden, simultaneously, you are cultivating your inner garden in harmony with the earth and spirit.

We view agroecological cultivation as a catalyst for change towards sustainable agriculture, utilizing natural resources for healthy and nutritious produce.

Aspects of the Weekend Workshop:

  • Soil preparation, sowing and planting, mulching, composting, and worm farming.

  • Different irrigation methods and pruning techniques.

  • Introduction to medicinal plants.

  • Fermentation of seeds and vegetables.

In addition, there will be an emphasis on proper body posture, natural breathing, heart and learning to interpret signals of Allah in the garden

Topics you´ll dive into include:

This workshop will adopt a holistic approach, covering:

  • Proper Body Posture and walk: Learn how to walk like the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and maintain a healthy body posture during gardening.

  • Natural Breathing: Immerse yourself in the practice of natural breathing.

  • Heart Connection: Deepen your connection with Allah.

  • Interpreting Garden Signals: Learn to interpret signals from your garden, strengthening the connection between you and the land.

The daily schedule is to include:

  • Movement exercise after Fajr 

  • Theory class on Fitra movement

  • Dhikr and communal prayer

  • Practical learning in the garden

Everything inside our skin and the skin itself comes from nature, as we are mineral, vegetable, animal, and also,

in addition, we are of luminous nature. We are also water,

earth, air, and fire, and the qualities of warm, humid,

cold, and dry manifest in us. Also, the temperaments: choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, and melancholic. If these kilograms of our body that we carry every day come from nature, then why not listen to the call of nature and reclaim the spirit of nature?

Angel, malak MIKAEL.

Who is the spirit of nature? The energy that creates and recreates nature by the command of Allah, in the Islamic tradition, is the angel Mikail, doing everything the Creator orders him. This angel is in charge of myriad angels or formative forces of existence, responsible for everything in nature: chlorophyll in plants, inducing photosynthesis so that every plant can absorb energy from light, etc.

The origin of nature.

Everything in creation is made with the Merciful Breath, Nafas ar-Rahmaani.

The entire creation is renewing itself, reconfiguring at every moment through the multiple breaths taqah, the vital energy of the Merciful Breath

Getting to know ourselves and knowing Allah through external nature. Our inner nature is distant from external nature. There is a significant gap nowadays between human beings and nature. There is also a substantial barrier of separation within human beings between the ego, their essence, and their Creator

The Sufi is the son of the moment, Ibn Waqt To live the moment, to be serenely awake and vigilant (muraqaba), recognizing the signs of Allah everywhere. One must awaken from the dream of the illusory (waham). To awaken in consciousness and contemplate the garden, nature, creation, from the closest point to the center of one's consciousness. In reality, it is an act of contemplation."

The relationship we establish with nature goes beyond mere looking and observing. It is to contemplate from the eye of the heart (qalb) and understand from the intellect (aql), or in other words, to contemplate creation from the consciousness of being, from selfhood. Thus, the relationship with nature is deeper, more direct, and real.

It is good to begin to listen to the inner sounds within oneself; later, the hearing will sharpen beyond the physical ear, entering the ocean of intuition. It is opportune to leave the illusory world and delve into the reality of the different worlds of nature

Bubble athanor Athanor is an alchemical furnace used to convey heat to alchemical digestion at a constant and uniform temperature. In alchemy, it was the vessel through which base metals like lead were transmuted into precious materials. The encounter, the garden, is an athanor, an alchemical container where things simmer slowly, and matters are distilled. The fire burns impurities, bringing forth what is substantially important in the person, rescuing the jewel that dwells among ferments and thorns. Let us reconcile with the external nature and with the various modes of our internal nature

Cultivate the outer garden and your inner garden.

Prepare the soil, season it, aerate it, and nourish it. Sowing, planting, and their cultivation. Cultivate our physical body with appropriate exercises, correct posture, timely cultivation, and a seasoned body-garden. Aerate it from the pests of desires and cultivate an enlightened garden, the well-aerated and fertile soil, plants firmly rooted, rooting powerfully in the earth and rising to the sky in their growth. Take care of our body with exercise, cultivate it timely like the garden, season it, aerate it, and get everything ready.

The seed.

Every plant is potentially contained within a seed-form. This seed, in the darkness beneath the moist and warm earth, germinates and roots firmly. Once its root descends deep and becomes well-established in fertile soil, it emerges to the surface, breaking through the interstice of the bark to rise toward the light of the sky. 'Bury the seed of the self in the earth and in darkness' so that our inner seed, the diamond, the essence, the true Self, the ruh, may emerge.

We root in previous generations, as we inherit a not entirely healthy culture from them. The crucial point is to achieve an appropriate and successful configuration. This seed must root well and ascend, splitting the armor-crust of the ego-soil to be illuminated and ascend to the sacred glories of the heights. We are seeds that must develop our full potential and bear fruit, reaching happiness.

The seed must be buried in darkness, in moisture and warmth to germinate. In healthy, non-toxic peat, and not amidst thorns. A seed that is not buried does not sprout, as it must disappear from sight. If the seed is buried, the birds will not eat it. Similarly, one must bury their personal importance in the soil of insignificance, simplicity, and honesty, for it is there that the seed will germinate in the darkness of the dark night of the soul. If the seed is buried in the soil of arrogance, pride, and ego importance, the seed will not sprout. It must be buried in fertile soil.

Thus, in the favorable conditions of planting, the moistened seed begins to germinate, forms roots, while the seed coat rots due to ferments, which serve as nourishment for the plant. The seed metamorphoses into a plant. In the end, the seed disappears, and the plant emerges. The essence emerges resplenden

The quality of the soil in the garden, etc.

is like my body-terrain. Different parts of my body require good cultivation, attention to posture, respiratory biomechanics, and reaching FITRAH BREATHING. Working on the inner garden of the self and the body-garden."

The bark, the interstice between the earth and the sky, darkness-light, the deep-surface. Our life between earth and sky, rooting in the earth to contemplate the sky. Bringing the sky to the earth. Going beyond the ego, the transpersonal. Surpassing barriers, difficulties, veils, armor, bark, layers, bunkers, etc


The seed, upon germination, roots deep in search of support, nutrients, and water. We root in Islam, faith (iman), and excellence (ihsan), in genealogy, and also in psychogenealogy of parents and grandparents. We root in learning, culture, education. This rooting can have both toxicity and healthiness. We need to settle in our territory of the true Self, take healthy nutrients, and avoid the toxic. Care for this body-hardware and a good configuration of our software, knowing how to be. Well-rooted, we can withstand the storms of life, the fires of the ego, and the uprooting of

our existential life project. Root, ascend, flourish, bear fruit, and return to the seed-essence and the Great Seed.

We root in previous generations, even though we inherit a not entirely healthy culture from them. The crucial point is to achieve an appropriate and successful configuration.


Below the earth's bark, the plant becomes vertical and extends. We are geometric shapes, a verticality between earth and sky, looking at the sky from roots firmly anchored in a healthy and nurturing configuration."

Natural fertilizers for the garden because the plants will be our contribution. Nourish our inner garden with good nutrients-fertilizers, healthy thoughts, and actions so that our essence opens above the dark weeds, and flowers bloom from the manure heap. Also, nourish our body with healthy foods for regeneration.

Fair watering of the garden according to its needs, what the plants ask for. We must give the body the necessary liquid. Also, water of knowledge. In search of one's source-origin. In search of the Source

The 'Bugs' of the ego. The pests that attack cultivated plants. Also, the invasion of 'weeds' that 'kill' the good ones. Rescue the cultivated plants so that the garden shines. Similarly, we are fodder for the negative traits of personality, the 'bugs,' dragons that burn our lives. We will have to recognize our inner dragons and reduce them to our service; this way, the facets of our inner diamond will shine.

From the Sirat al-Mustaqim of the guidance of the Best of Creation (saws). Every seed hopes to germinate, root, and grow, seeking light, expanding, and surrendering. We are guided by the guidance of Prophet Muhammad (saws), aiming for purification and reaching states of contentment and the grace of Allah. Obtaining satisfaction, success, happiness, and good fortune are also fruits of the effort in the pursuit of Allah's mercy.

Harvest time.

Everything reaches its climax, everything is born and

dies, delivering its fruit. We have our time of harvest, especially aging with wisdom on a path of heart purification, harvesting our good deeds, and having a good death, a peaceful death, to reach the Garden.

"Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food" (Hippocrates). In Prophetic Medicine, food is considered one of the avenues for healing the body. "The stomach is the gateway to diseases." It emphasizes preventive medicine primarily. The foods and how they are prepared should not be toxic to the body but rather restorative and revitalizing. In the workshop, we take care of our diet and consume vegetables and fruits from our own garden. The garden nourishes us and imparts wisdom as we work in it.

The spirit of the group (suhbah), emulating the first community of Medina al

Munawara, the first Islamic government. It is time to share, one for all and all for one. Everything in the garden is connected, interrelated, and interpenetrated. Everything in creation has correspondences. We are anchored in an optimal worldview: human beings, creation, and the Creator of the Worlds. It is good to share the fruits of the outer garden and those of the inner garden. Generosity is a great virtue

Reading the signs in the creation in the garden.

Everything you contemplate in nature is marked; therefore, decoding the signs is our primary function to know Reality. Read the signs of the body, the ego, and the traces or imprints of the essence."

Mulching - protection on the ground of the plants to retain moisture, prevent the proliferation of weeds, and provide humus through the decomposition of organic matter, consumed by worms and earthworms, will not yield humus for fertilization. We also need protection for our bodies with regard to clothing to preserve temperature, humidity, and proper care for our skin. Recycling clothes, etc. Also, protecting ourselves from the vicissitudes of life and not perishing in the attempt.

Cultivating a deep bed. Creating appropriate personal spaces for our success and delight. Conditioning the spaces where we live and work, as Allah facilitates us for this

Compost. Utilization of our waste, recycling, handling with economy, money management. Having sufficient discernment to find resources and wisdom at all times.

The passage of time: How the passage of time is observed in nature. Allah, through His signs in His creation, teaches us, gives us lessons; we just have to observe His signals.

Plants need water; otherwise, they droop and die. Autumn is the prelude to winter, etc. Experience the different rhythms in the human being, such as the circadian rhythm, a 24-hour biological rhythm. Live consciously in the present and in expanded consciousness. In our bodies, the signs of the years appear; we must take better care of our body, it is a loan, an amana that Allah has entrusted to us, and we are responsible for it. A balanced and healthy diet, sufficient liquid, physical exercise and sports, salat, sadaqa, zakat. Allah gives us chronological years and diminishes us in capacities. Allahu Alim.

Light: Energy cannot be absorbed if sunlight is lacking. Every plant needs light for its chlorophyll function and energy from light. We also need the sun, the king star, Apollo, the lord of our planetary system. Likewise, we need the Light of the Lord of Creation to illuminate our inner seed.

The cycle of life and death: In the garden, we can contemplate how life and death unfold at every moment. The germination and birth of the seed, growth, fruition, and death-decomposition. From the earth, we come, and to the earth, we will return. Accepting death is taking another leap in satisfaction for life and dying in peace. Keeping death in mind at every moment, not obsessively compulsive, but as a reality that makes us understand that we are passing through and should be good people, pleasing Allah in our actions and thoughts following the guidance of the Best of Creation, saws, and aspiring to the Garden, Ameen.

Oxygenation and carbon dioxide. CO2. Everything in creation breathes, like the plant and well-oxygenated soil. We need the essential oxygen in our existence to burn glucose and give us energy. Our breathing is often deficient, but there are similarities between the bronchial tree and the tree with its trunk, roots, branches, and leaves. A well-oxygenated body is of an alkaline nature, with less possibility of getting sick.

Climate and Character. (Akhlaq) Every plant adapts to the climate in which it lives because the climate is suitable for that plant, or it survives by putting in all the effort despite environmental challenges. We also share with nature the temperament of the qualities of warmth, humidity, cold, and dryness. There are correspondences between character and the body. Despite the trials that Allah sends us, we must overcome the barriers that our nafs imposes on us and continue in contentment on the Sirat Al Mustaquim."

The mineral, vegetable, animal, and angelic realms. The four elements: earth, water

, fire, and air. All these realms are within us. When we set our feet in a garden, we understand the dimension that this implies - from the earth we come, and to the earth we shall return

Loyalty: The faithful gardener tends to the garden for the sake of the garden itself, and this is virtue. Being faithful to Allah, he tends to it for Allah's sake. The gardener with false virtue is the one who tends to his garden out of presumption, so that others may see the garden he has.

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